August 21, 2010

DIY Chalkboard

I am always looking out for FUN ways to teach my kid to write, read, draw, anything and everything. One of the things I distinctly remember is using a small chalk board as a kid. I used to love drawing on it and I think I 1st started learning to write on it. I have seen this chalboard paint in the stores which I always wanted to try. So I decided to MAKE a Chalkboard instead.

My Supplies:
  1. Chalkboard Paint .(I used a spray kinds, easier to use.)
  2. One Picture frame any size you like. Mine is 26" x 20". (I bought a clearance piece from an Art Supply store without the glass in it but if you find one with the glass in it that works as well.
  3. Plywood or ACM (I used a piece of Aluminium Composite Metal) or the Glass the picture frame came with. (I would avoid using glass for a chalkboard for kids.
  4. Bunch of carpenters Nails.

Painting the board:-
  • I followed the instructions on the spray can  (very carefully). It is important to shake the can well before painting the plywood or ACM or glass.
  • If you choose a Plywood as the board, then you need to sand it 1st with a fine grit sandpaper and make sure you sand along the grain.
  • If you are using Metal piece or Glass then you can spray right after you clean it with a wipe or cloth.
  • Then I sprayed the paint on the board. Once horizontaly then vertically covering the entire surface.
  • I left it to Dry and then sprayed another coat. (If you feel the need then you can spray the paint 1 more time on the plywood)
P.S.- I prefered to paint in an open area because of fumes and wanted to stay away from my kid. Please read the safety instructions before you paint.

  • Then I inserted the painted ACM inside the frame and secured it with carpenters nails.

ALL DONE!!! :-)

It was easier than I expected. My daughter spend hours drawing and writing on it. And I love watching her play with it.

In case you would like to buy a Chalkboard instead, here are some that I would recommend click here, here and here.


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