January 28, 2011

Spreading Cheer

I have been feeling kinda dull and drab lately. After meeting a friend for dinner yesterday night I realized I am not the only one feeling so dead and depressed these days. So its time to spread some cheer.

I cant think of a better way to do that than to introduce you all to my absolute fav photographer- Katie Sokoler.

One cannot help but smile when you look at her work. I absolutely LOVE her spirited and kaleidoscopic pictures. I am a big fan of color anyway,  looking at her pics makes me fall in love with colors again.

Her simple yet whimsical ideas brings a wide grin on my face every time I browse her flicr page or her blog "Color me Katie"

So here are some more of her images borrowed from her Flickr account. Be sure to check out rest of her work here.

Something special for Valentine's Day from Katie.


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