March 26, 2010

Organizing my creative space.

My husband has been complaining about my crafting supplies taking over our house. And it is true. Over the years I have collected so many things for crafts and scrapbooks that it is becoming difficult to store them. I want everything displayed so that I can see what I have and get to them quickly. One of the things I had hardest time to organize was Ribbons. I have been searching for a good storage system for all my Ribbons, but most of them are too expensive. So I decided to make one. A box that will not only store my ribbon collection, but will display them and will make it easier for me to use them.

The company I work for also has  manufacturing of Aluminium Composite Metal Panels. They were kind enough to let me use some of the scrap material and the CNC machine and helped me fabricate my Ribbon Box. Thank you so much Altech.

I love the metallic blue ribbon box (this was my final design, till now). Red one was an experimental piece. I have one more blue colored one, cut and ready to be fabricated in the shop. I may use that for a special giveaway some time soon.

The display of colorful ribbons inspires me to come out of my color-comfort zone and try new combinations too. Love it...

March 24, 2010

Creative Lunch

With a picky eater at home (my daughter), I always wonder what I will do to make her eat when she goes to school.. If she is anything like me she won't want to eat the packed boring lunches.. Then I saw Funky Lunch website... I am sooo in love with these... What awesome ideas..
My favourite sandwich:

And this rainbow lunch {I have to be loyal to my color obsession :-)...}

And it's healthy too.. To see "whats in the lunch bo" click here..
Cant decide whether I would want to eat these or just look at them...

March 23, 2010

Color my Wishlist

Color is my day-long obsession, joy and torment. ~Claude Monet

Yes, you are right, another post about color, but can I say.. I love Color.. This quote is just so perfect for my love for color.

A latest entry in my wishlist is this beautiful set of 500 color pencils, I cant imagine a shade of color they don't have in this set. As Social Designer says  "Introducing 500 Colored Pencils: the only set in the world that matches the span and wonder of human creativity. Each pencil is its own story. A unique hue with an inventive name to inspire the far corners of your creativity." Such creative names.
My favourite one for today is --

March 19, 2010

My milestone..

A friend of mine recently asked me "so, are you ready for the decade change??"

Am I ???  Not really..

Till yesterday when everyone kept asking me and reminding me of how old I have become, I didn't even think about the "decade change". I dont feel old or older.. On the contrary I feel more energetic, lively, YOUNG.. Loving every single day of life, Looking forwards to tons and tons of things.. (I know, I know, I whine a lot some days..but all of us do that sometimes...) Overall life has never been better.. :-)

Today everyone has been asking me "How was your day yesterday?? What did you guys do??..
Answer is I had a very very very Peaceful day.
Yes I loved the cake and the flowers and the wine and the gifts and wishes and all the attention. But it all reminded me of how happy I am now, where I am, what I am doing, life with friends and most importantly life with my family. All I wanted to do was to be with my husband and my baby. Just to BE with them. And thats what we did.

I Wonder what is it about 'getting older' that people dislike.. I happen to LOVE it.

March 16, 2010

Creative Play..

I have been looking for some creative toys or projects for my daughter.. Something thet she enjoys playing with along with teaching her a skill (dont we all want that combination).. I found this amazingly creative toy/project which does both.

This is what the website of Ball and Skittle quotes: "Ever bought a gift for your little ones, only to find they played more with the box it came in? Then imagine how much children would love to construct their own cardboard creation, colour it themselves and let their imagination run wild with creative play."

Interesting isn't it?? I sooo love it....

I wish I was a kid... And my mom bought this Villa Carton-Decorate your own rocking chair for me...

March 14, 2010

For a New Life, For a New Beginning...

So if u remember a week or so ago I shared some pictures of paper flowers and promised to fill you guys in with the details of what they are for. Those flowers were for a friends diaper cake... She is having a baby boy thats why blue and white flowers.. 

FLOWERS on a diaper cake??? I know I know unusual... but I wanted to make something pretty for the mom-to-be, along with the little newcomer. So roses and peonies to top the cake with a small handmade card filled with lots of wishes for the new parents-to-be...

And unlike most of us my friend has already decided on a name (I was fighting for my pick till the labor room..) So to personalize it, I added the babies name (Ritvik) on the cake.. 

Here is my take on a diaper cake..

BTW thanks for reading and leaving all the comments.. It makes my day.. :-)

March 11, 2010

Pretty Little Somethings...

Every morning I struggle to find matching clips/barretts to go with Saanvi's dress.. (I know.. I know.. they dont always have to match but I try).. Somehow she has a nack of loosing all my favourite ones.(and the expensive ones).. So I end up with 1 pink, 1 white or 1 blue and 1 purple clip in her hair..

Her day care teacher will always give me a look. Some evenings when I go and pick up Saanvi, she will have some new clips in her hair (some that her day care teacher would have bought for her).. Thanks for thinking about my kid. but am I not doing my job right?? Matching clips is such a big deal???

So I decided to make some for her. Some crafting supplies from my favourite store (I just need a reason to go and new found enthusiam I began trying my skills..

These are my experiments.. I hope iIwill improve with time.. For now I love seeing Saanvi wear them... (and her day care teacher asking me where did you get those).. What joy.. :-)

March 6, 2010

"Come, gentle Spring! Ethereal Mildness! Come."

This wonderful quote by James Thomson sums up my feeling about the snowy weather and much awaited spring. 

I made these paper flowers for a occasion that is coming up (will fill you in with the details in a couple of weeks). And yes there is a reason why they are in these unusual color.. :-)

Feels fresh and all set for spring now.. 

March 5, 2010

Saanvi's 2nd Birthday...

My daughter turned 2 in January.. (ya already!!! still can't believe itl). To celebrate her birthday we had a small party with few close friends at our place. Normally I would have gone crazy looking for a theme. But we decided on teaching her about fishes in January, so the fish balloons and fish cut outs on the wall to teach her the names of various fishes (which we succeeded in.. yippee our idea worked).. She loved the cut outs of various types of fishes and specially the balloons with fins, tails, lips and eyes. A friend of ours made a delicious fish themed cake for Saanvi. Make your own Pizza, appetizers and drinks were on the menu. Simple...

I made these party hats for kids. Many of my friends have asked for the template or directions to make these hats. I learned about them on Martha's website. I added some pretty details on the hats for a 2nd Birthday party. 
Sweet.. Huh!!!

Colorful Candy cake....

I have been waiting to write for sometime so that I can show some of my work.. There are some exciting projects that I am working on these days that I will soon share with everyone (after I click some cool pictures of them) :-)

In the meantime I want to share this wonderful cake inspiration that I stumbled upon... M&M's and Kit-Kat what a wonderful combination for a kid's birthday cake. Paige has some wonderful cakes, cookies, recipes in her blog Paige's Pantry.

Recipe for this particular cake has some uniques ingredients (never thought of Sunny D in a cake) and of course Kit-Kat's... I just completely love the decoration or rather lack of typical icing decorations.. So simple and so colorful....


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