November 12, 2010

Poll for a new Layout.

I have been thinking about a NEW LOOK for my blog. Its been quite some time I have had the current layout, and a new look seems like a necessary step. (Agree?? Don't Agree??).

As you guys would know me, I love color, Scrap booking, Crafts, anything and everything creative. But I am also very organized. So keeping those parameters in mind I selected few Free Layouts from Blogger. (I can't afford a custom layout yet, so a  free one will have to do for now).

I need your help deciding which one should I pick (also should I even change it?)

So I am Having a small poll here. Please look at the following templates and help me choose.

Option 1 - Color Idea

Option 2 - Sticker Theme

Option 3 - Glory
Option 4 - My Diario

Option 5 - Color O Ring

Please VOTE:
Please vote for the template you think represent this blog the best. I really appreciate the help.

{I want to thank a darling friend who helped me create this poll on my blog post. Thank You sooo much.}

November 8, 2010

Halloween Pumpkin Party

"Backward, turn backward, O Time, in your flight, make me a child again, just for to-night!" ~Elizabeth Akers Allen

This quotation sums up my feeling about halloween for kids. What a fun festival to dress up, go trick-or-treating and all the candy.

This year I decided to call all my daughters friends for a Pumpkin inspired Halloween Party. Me and my daughter (oh yes! she is a big helper and to add to my happiness she loves crafts as well) prepared for little little stuff for the party over several weeks. Like filling Favor bags, making food picks, designing halloween cards, carving pumpkins, prepping for the food table etc. Saanvi had loads of fun stamping with halloween stamps on favor bags, helping me make the food picks, filling candy in the bags. What a fun process follwed by a fantastic afternoon spend with creative costumes and great company.

Here is what we did.

Carved Pumpkin faces, Haunted house and
pumkin stickers used to decorate the center piece,
Orange and purple lanterns

Halloween party table setup, Center Piece tree

'Boo' food picks, Pumpkin decorations, Halloween shaped cookie cutter cut fruits,
Eye ball and pumpkin cake

Fly Away favor bags and Halloween Cards
 I have added the links to my inspirations for everyone else to try if they like. I added my own twist to everything keeping true to the theme (Pumpkins).

I hope everyone who came had as much fun as we did planning for it.

P.S.- Please let me know if any of you like to know more about anything I share. I would love to help out with any project you guys want to do.

And yaa keep reading..


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