April 25, 2010

Color Therapy..

A few weeks back we had to take a personality test in the office. The purpose of it was to understand each others personalities so that we all can work better as a team. Try to see the potential of people and to ignore the obvious negative personality traits in each other. Did it work? Yes to my surprise it is working. I wish we could do the same thing in our day to day lives with family and friends too. Try and forgive each other for the fall outs and admire them for the efforts they make.

In my painting I wanted to express people with different personalities. Some vibrant, assertive, energetic, some soothing, sympathetic, some deep and intuitive, others happy and radiant.
Our life is just like this painting an organized chaos of color, a family of different personalities that come together to complete the picture. Each individual with its own story, own likes, dislikes, positives and negatives. Some compliment each other some stand alone. But we need every one of those colors to make it a spectrum, to make life more FUN.

This is my Color Therapy.

P.S.- I am a big fan of recycling and this is my recycled art. Painted on a reclaimed piece of MDF from my office workshop (which normlly gets tossed in the dumpster).



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