February 4, 2011

Creative Gift Tags

After buying a tons of Art supplies from Art Store or Stampin Up I am always trying to come up with projects where I can use them (I know a difficult task right, it is or me). I have recently invested (at least that's what I like to think) in tons of new art supplies.


Various stamps.. etc etc..
We all add Thank you cards or Gift tags to Party Favors right, so why not make them ourselves?
Here is what I did for my daughter's birthday party favors. I made some simple and easy Gift tags. I used several punches to punch out different shapes in various colored cardstock. Then mixed all the colored punch outs to make unique birds and glued them to the wrapped gifts. VERY VERY EASY, but unique.
I hope you will try it out something like this soon.
Here are some of my recommendations if you would like to buy some supplies.


  1. Amazing... I am big fan of your work... Loved this idea.. thanks for sharing :)

  2. ur ideas rock...how do u come up with allthis...very creative



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