February 17, 2011

Abstract Art Workshop

 So after much push from friends I am hosting my 1st workshop. As the name says it is about Art... Abstract Art.

I love color (am sure you all know that by now), recycled materials, anyhting creative and unique and most of all I love Inspiring people to be more creative and to think outside the box.

In this workshop I plan to teach a little bit about abstract art, composition and color combinations. I want to share what my Art and drawing teacher taught me when I was in college "TO SEE".
To look at everyday things around us and find color combinations and compositions. To see the beauty that surrounds us. And use that beauty and the color schemes in nature that we get inspired by and make a unique piece of Art.

Last year I shared a painting with you in my blog post 'Color Therapy'. This painting was painted on a reclaimed piece of MDF that has a pattern engraved on it. This workshop will use a similar piece of reclaimed MDF and turn it into a Unique and One of a kind Work of ART.

I am very excited about the workshop (well and nervous too)... If you live in and around Atlanta and want to attend this workshop then email me at divissketchbook(at)gmail(dot)com.

Thank you all my friends, family and blog readers for Inspring me to host this workshop. I promise there will be lot more coming up.

Love you all.


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