March 7, 2011

Creative Learning

After teaching my 1st Class I'm convinced that the best way to learn is by teaching. Sharing knowledge is the best way to grow and learn.

I learned a lot this past weekend in my class about Abstract Art. All I did was to share the techniques I use to create Art. What I got in return is much more. To name a few I learned how many creative ways there are to interpret the same plain board. How differently one can use the same technique and come up with a totally different product. How moods of every individual reflects on the piece they are working on. I also learned how I should progress a class (participants were very cooperative and supportive, Love them for that).

Overall I loved the whole process of painting sample pieces, making a presentation, teaching and seeing everyone enjoy themselves. Here are few of my favourite pictures from the class.

Everyone at Work

Adding finishing touches

Proud Artists and their Work of Art

I plan to teach and learn a lot more in the future. And I hope you do too. It is the best feeling ever.


  1. Hi Divya,

    This was definitely the best art classes that I have attended.

    Love your presentation- it was really great to learn some basics of abstract art and then translate it onto the board. At the same time, I had great time with all other gals.

    Kudos to you on such a well organized n successful first class! All the best for future classes :-) I would love to attend more sessions like that.


  2. Divya, you were such a good host & teacher. I loved your presentation of all the art material on the tables, how well thought out the layout was, you did fabulous & enjoyed the process a lot!!
    - ashwini

  3. Divya,

    Excellent!! Once again a job well accomplished. The art work by the entire group looks beautiful & reflects one thing common in all, your hard work. I am super happy for you. I am sure you must be so proud of yourself too for launching off your 1st class.

    My fav is the artwork held by the artist who is standing immediately next to you in the group photo. Here's wishing you a lot of success & most importantly immense happiness in the pursuit of your passion. Best wishes for the future.

  4. Divya,

    You have to organize another class......ahem..since I missed this one.

    BTW, loved the picture of everyone holding their artwork....beautiful!


  5. Thank u everyone for kind words and encouragemenet..

    @Honey and Neelam, am planning some more classes soon.. Will fill u guys in with dates.. I hope you guys can make it..




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