April 18, 2011

Pink Princess Diaper Cake

Pink Princess Diaper cake
May you touch fireflies and stars, dance with fairies and talk to the man in the moon,
may you grow up with gracious hearts and people who care,
welcome to the world little one, it’s been waiting for you... quotes

I know every Mom-to-be is praying the same, waiting for their little princess to arrive. And this cake is for those eagerly awaiting moms (to-be) and their baby girls. Pretty in pink with lots of feathers and sparkles.

This cake was specially designed for a lovely friend who is ready to leap into motherhood. Her baby shower theme was Pink and White. So here it is, a diaper cake for the new princess-to-be..

Pink Princess Diaper Cake

This diaper cake is avaiable on my etsy shop "Saanvi". Have a look..

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