April 22, 2011

Easter craft fun

Easter crafts
My daughter enjoys crafts as much as I do (no surprises haan!!). And Easter around the corner it is the perfect excuse to decorate some eggs. I am not sure if I should introduce my daughter to dyeing egg yet (considering I have never done that myself I am doubly unsure). So our egg decorations were done on foam cut-out shaped as eggs.

Easter Craft
Material used:

I made a paper template shaped like an egg, then used it to cut several foam sheets in different colors. Then I punched out several flowers using Stampin-Up punch, and Saanvi used them to decorate the egg shaped foam sheet. She used ribbons and pasted them on another egg shaped foam sheet. I drew some other simple designs and cut them out of other foam sheets which Saanvi used to decorate more pieces. But her favourite part was pushing flower brads on the egg cut outs. She must have spend half hour doing that. This was our Easter celebration and fun, whats yours??

Have an, Egg-ceptional, Eggs-traordinary Easter everyone.

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